We Offer Affordable Websites

Businesses benefit from having a Website, whether they use it to sell products or advertise their business.  Your Website may be as simple as 3 pages-  
  • Home - This is the page that pops up when your site opens with your Logo.  It says who you are and what you do.
  • About  - This page features an introduction to your business with descriptions of products or services that your business performs.
  • Contact Us - This page has your phone number, address, map, fax, email address and a contact form.
When you contact WebSolutionsHD.com, we will have you start by filling out our Website Planning Worksheet.  We will use that information to make a Proposal tailored to your needs and budget.  You are in the driver's seat, we won't sell you anything you don't need or want.  You can decide later to add more pages and items to your Website as your business grows...

Website Design and Development

We build you a Custom Website from the ground up, with the intigration of Search Engine Marketing in mind.  We work closely with businesses looking for website development that is affordable, professional, and comes with outstanding customer support.  Our website development services range from basic online presence to more complex applications.  We can help you determine the website development solutions that match your style, budget, and business needs.  We will also answer all your questions and make sure the design process runs smoothly.

We are driven to create visually appealing and easy to navigate websites which ultimately influence customers to do business with you. Our user friendly websites reinforce Branding, Increase Site Traffic, and Strengthen Customer Loyalty.  We create attractive and professional website designs. 

E-Commerce Website Design and Development

Electronic Commerce, commonly known as E-commerce or E-comm, is the act of selling goods or services on the Internet, or an Online Store. This is done in very much the same processes as selling goods or services in a traditional brick and mortar establishment. Product or service presentation, placement, display, stocking, selling and payment are all familiar concepts, but an E-Commerce website design demands that all this be done digitally on screen, and as an automated process. 

We make E-Commerce easy with shopping cart software that allows you to sell online and manage your business. Real-time credit card processing, data encryption and search engine friendly designs are just a few of the E-Commerce solutions that we offer online stores.

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We will meet your Company's needs for a Full Website.  

  • Business Name
  • Business Logo
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Map and Directions with Location Pin
  • Hours of Operation
  • Photo of your Storefront
  • Photo of your Product or the Inside of your Restaurant
  • A Menu for your Restaurant
  • Services you provide or perform
  • Social Networking
  • Photo Galleries
  • Videos
  • Ask for More Details

We can work together over the Phone, in Person or by Email to get the Information your Customer needs to know about your Business.

Download this Worksheet to Start Planning your New Website Today:

Website Planning Worksheet
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                         Website Design Rates

Custom Designed Websites:
$250  -  Custom Website Design with 1 page
Includes Custom Website Design, Domain Name, Email Address and Search Engine Optimization
$50  -  Each Additional Page for Custom Website Design

E-Commerce Custom Designed Websites:

$350  -  Custom E-Commerce Website Design with 1 page

Includes Custom Website Design, Domain Name, Email Address, Search Engine Optimization and PayPal or Google Cart Software imbedded in Website*

$75  -  Each Additional Page for Custom E-Commerce Website Design


* Paypal or Google Cart Software is provided, you will have to have your own PayPal or Google Merchant Account.

E-Commerce Websites Additions

We will add each Item you are selling onto your website in one of two ways:

1.   Single Block Item for Sale -

$2 - per item you are selling with Imbedded Image into Paypal or Google Cart Software

So if you are selling 50 items on your E-Commerce Website, your cost would be $100 for us to add these 50 products for sale using the Paypal or Google Cart software.  Your customers WILL NOT be able to enlarge the pictures of the products you have for sale.  This is the more cost effective way to go, so we offer this option to get your store online and selling product at a discounted price.

2.   4-Block Enlargable Item for Sale -

$4 - per item you are selling with image enlargement capability in addition to the Paypal or Google Cart Software

So if you are selling 50 items on your E-Commerce Website, your cost would be $200 for us to add these 50 products for sale, and your customers WILL be able to enlarge the pictures of the products you have for sale. This is a more in depth process of pulling pieces off of Paypal & Google's websites, along with imbedded image templates, text templates for descriptions, prices, sizes and shipping, as well as adding a Paypal or Google Button that again is pulled from the Paypal or Google Websites.  This is more costly, but depending on what types of products you are selling, it may pay for itself.  

This is a Huge Discounted Price for you to hire us for your E-Commerce Webstie, than for you to invest in very Expensive Cart Software for a Smaller Business or a Business just getting started.  This is the only way we can keep E-Commerce costs at a resonable price to give every business a chance for an Online Store without having to pay the "Big Cart" prices, but still giving you a lot of bells and whistles.  

~ No other Website Design and Hosting Company Offers near these Affordable Prices ~ 

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Your Logo Design is invaluable to your Company's Identity in building your BRAND, Consider WebSolutionsHD.com to Design your Company's Logo and Stationary

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Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Server


Your domain will be the central focus of your entire site so it needs to be catchy, impressive, and most of all MEMORABLE to begin the process of "Branding Your Company."  WebSolutionsHD.com will register your domain name for you, you will own your Domain Name, it will be in your name and address.  That's right, YOU WILL OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME AND HAVE ALL RIGHTS TO IT at NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Domain Name is a personal place on the Internet where you are in complete control of what is published and how it looks.  Once we register your domain name (we register it to you so you own it), we need to specify where computers looking for your domain should go, namely the IP address where we host your domain’s website by updating your site's nameserver.   Domain Names are regulated and can only be purchased in year-long increments, up to a maximum of ten years.


Domain Name Server runs special-purpose networking software, features a public IP address, and contains a database of network names and addresses for Internet hosts.  DNS servers communicate with each other using private network protocols.  Domain names have to point to a web host, like WebSolutionsHD.com, where the actual files of your web site live, in order for your customers computers to pull up your website without delay finding your IP address connected to your website.  Think of DNS like a zip code. If you don't put a zip code on your mail the post office doesn't know where to send it. Domains are the same way if they don't have the DNS the internet doesn't know what server to send your request to.  We have a Dedicated Domain Name Server connected to our Hosting Service, so there won't be as much hunting around for the IP address to be found.

  • .COM  to mean commercial domain usage for Businesses that make a profit.
  • .NET   to mean network domain usage for network providers such as Comcast, Charter & Bright House.
  • .ORG  to mean organization domain usage for non-profit, charities, and open-source programs.
  • .INFO  to mean informational domain usage for sharing information.
  • .EDU   to mean educational domain usage for Colleges and Schools.
  • .US      to mean US Residents for Indiveduals, Organizations, and Businesses.

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You could be Missing Potential Customers and Revenue everyday. 


                              - have become the number one source of advertising for many businesses
                              - reach millions of people every day
                              - can significantly influence purchasing decisions
                              - are open 24-7
                              - validate your business

Search Engine Optimization

Serch Engine Optimization is included in our Website Designs because it is an intricate and necessary part of designing your optimum Website.  Millions of Internet users surf around and check the websites of their interest so it is necessary for all businesses to have their own website. SEO is one of the most successful methods to get online visibility and popularity.  So, SEO is needed for the website owners to increase their chance of grabbing the business.

There are over 100 million searches performed a day and about 20% of these searches are new to the search engines. This is due to the fact that website visitors are learning and getting smarter about how they search for what they want online. The result is that people are searching for local businesses more and more.

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With every Website WebSolutionsHD.com Designs, we will Optimize your Website with Keywords and Metadata Tags at NO EXTRA COST to you.

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 We Will....

  • Custom Design your Website with SEO in mind for every ounce of Searchable Content Possible in the Preferred Terminology of the Search Engines.
  • Submit your Website to Major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Index, Yahoo Directory, Bing, MSN, AOL Web Search, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, AllTheWeb, HotBot, IWon, Lycos, 
NetScape Search, DMOZ and Open Directory, etc.).
  • Create XML Site Maps to help Search Engines find EVERY PAGE on your Website, not just your Home Page, as most Website Design Companies do.
  • Create Metadata Tags on ALL of your Website Pages.
  • Initialize Analytical Reports for Website Traffic.

at NO EXTRA COST to you, this is ALL INCLUDED in your Custom Website Design

Google is the Cornerstone to your Business Website Success


Annual Number of Google Searches

Average Searches Per Day




















3,600,000 *Googles official first year


Google Daily SnapShot

Google sees more than 

30 trillion URLs and crawls a day

20 billion pages a day

3 billion searches are conducted a day


Google Monthly SnapShot

A little over 80 trillion queries per day in March 2013