Hosting Services Consistently oversee our Servers, and we are happy to report we have a 99.9% Uptime Rate.  We achieve this by regular intervals of Load Balancing, so we never sacrifice our Clients or their Customers.

We also do not undercut ourselves by offering pricing that is below what Servers actually Cost. Some Hosts do this in the hope they will eventually be able to raise your rates. has a Great Reputation with our Clients. The Majority of our Customers are from current Clients Referrals, which is the Best Marketing a Business can get.

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Every website on the Internet needs to be "stored" somewhere, and that’s what is referred to as “hosting.“  A website Host stores your website pages, data, and documentation on their servers that are running 24/7/365. 

If you've never had a website you would not be aware that usually you pay the Web Designer to Create your website, a Hosting Service to put your website on the Internet, sometimes another company to make updates to your website, and another company for Search Engine Optimization, and another company for Logo Designing, and yet another company for Marketing your website. can put all the pieces of the Website Process Puzzle together for you, we will take care of all the above for you, so you can reep the benefits of your website stress free!'s Domain Name Server

DNS stands for "Domain Name Server."  A Domain Name Server is the computer (one of several) that "Serves" Requests for your Website or Email Address when the Web Address is typed in the Browser.  Think of a Domain Name Server as the BATTERY for your Domain Name ( The more POWERFUL and LOCAL the Domain Name Server is, the more likely Search Engines, and ultimately people, will be able to find and see your website.  If the Domain Name Server isn't strong enough, people may have trouble reaching you. Hosting Services are connected directly to our Domain Name Servers, therefore, when your customer types in your, this eliminates your customer's computer from having to contact your website's Domain Name Server, and Hosting Service, which are very often times separate.

Most companies offer customers one or two domain servers -- one main server, and one for backup. When you register your domain name with us, your domain name is backed by SIX SERVERS distributed around the U.S. We use no servers overseas.  The result? Superior Connectivity and Reliability.

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Hosting Rates


$16  per month for Website with 1 page

  $2  per month for Each Additional page


$29  per month for E-Commerce Website with 1 page

  $3  per month for Each Additional E-Commerce page